The latest statistics about love Shanghai website speed diagnosis function

for web speed upgrade, have a great effect on the performance of the web page speed improved, the higher the score, the better the performance of web crawler, then, under the same conditions, the number is more likely to crawl, then, may be better included. Love the Shanghai statistical tools to test website speed with the Google Page Speed tool is similar, the details have not done.

The speed of diagnosis of

love Shanghai statistics, recently launched a number of very useful tools, such as Shanghai Longfeng recommendations, search word ranking, with sea included the amount of inquiry, today saw "love Shanghai Statistics website speed diagnostic tool, could not help but under test.

also suggested the diagnosis part points project is not "own resources, such as web site statistics code, share code and so on, these are our use of tools or plug-ins to external website information or user behavior statistics, so sometimes in the choice of external resources, also want to consider him itself will not bring much impact for the performance of a web page.

test: Beijing Telecom, Beijing Netcom (love Shanghai spiders crawl may not be so good)

Speed on the www.banjiagz贵族宝贝 test results score of 96 (the network environment to a certain extent will affect the results, with love in Shanghai) have statistical friends can go to test, this is online, do not install plug-ins or what tools, or relatively simpler, test proposal is also more perfect can according to the suggestions on your own web page performance do improve, look below the diagnostic suggestions.

website speed diagnostic suggestions

love Shanghai in Statistics website speed test site test results on my

website speed diagnostic suggestionsFrom the above recommendations in the diagnosis of With the launch of


to open the corresponding project options, you can see details, many of the details about possible before we did not notice, but these proposals indeed can improve the performance of your web page.

The use of

I use Page

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