Shanda Chen Tianqiao game life 31 years old, the richest man in the mainlandFrom follow the trend to

1999 was a year of frenzied capital flooding into the internet. Chen Tianqiao’s brother, Chen Danian, was working for an Internet company. The two brothers are familiar with the Internet, a familiar with the capital market, think of creating a web site.

innovation, a frequently mentioned topic, has always been elusive because of its changing nature. On one second, new and unique visual angle, one second on the hand, the previous day, no one interested in the idea of flash hot, this is innovative, decadent magic wonderful ability.

innovation is a complex work that needs to be worked together, so we need a holistic approach to building, organizing and encouraging innovation. We will have eight basic properties above were divided into two groups: the first four strategic and creative, and help to determine the priority is more likely to flourish in four conditions; continue to promote innovation, create enough value to enhance the overall performance.

Jobs once said: "the difference between leaders and followers is innovation."."

Fudan wizards put video

in November, he was looking for a popular community founded by several Fudan University students and introduced his ideas to them to make the community more attractive. And he went to contact China network to invest.

lonely growth

sure, there is no fixed universal rule that will ensure success. But based on our many years of customer service experience, the above eight factors and we study the successful innovation case, there is a strong causal relationship. We firmly believe that if startups learn these tips, and according to self >

– Chen Tianqiao,

was born in 1973, Chen Ping Cun, Xinchang County chengtan town east of Zhejiang. My father is an engineer and my mother is an English teacher. He read the Economics Department of Fudan University 18 annual revenues, according to his college classmates, is a "good boy" in his book, a big score ranked first in the whole system, the second is the Shanghai Municipal Education Commission and the municipal Party committee as the only "Shanghai outstanding student cadres pacesetter", third and credits Fudan University, became the 18 graduate students a year ahead of schedule.

wants to keep the company alive, removing fresh blood and emerging areas of exploration, as well as constant innovation. The founder, how to change the status quo of the core market? Today we’ll share a McKinsey’s innovative essentials, it provides eight principles, selection, and discovery — the pursuit of change, speed, scale, extension, mobilization for us, and I hope to help you. Following, Enjoy:

his first job was to screen videos of group presentations every day in a small room. This is for 10 months. For the first time, he experienced the great fall of life.

, as we all know, innovation is difficult for a well established company. Generally speaking, these companies are better at execution than innovation. Most of them succeed by optimizing existing business rather than subversive ideas.

I’ve never liked money very much. I try my best to earn money just to prove my worth.

Shanda nearly into "bubble"

, the Chinese edition of Fortune magazine, released yesterday’s list of China’s top 40 business elite under 40 years old, chairman and CEO Chen Tianqiao of Shanda network limited liability company, 2013. He started from the "legend" online game, once became the richest man in mainland china. His entrepreneurial experience is a legend in itself.

Although the

entrepreneurship storm


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three party agreement, Chen quickly registered the royal network company, capital of 500 thousand yuan, the staff 20 people. The original intention of the company was just to become China’s largest graphic virtual community. At that time, this community is very special, not only has the day and night of the points, and each user community can reap without sowing, hungry to farming, and then harvested food to sell things, and only have money to live in the community. In fact, it’s an interactive community like online games. Chen Tianqiao took over and launched China’s first graphics >

later, he left the Lujiazui group, joined a securities company and quickly accumulated his own capital. At this point, the Internet heat wave came.

at that time, he felt as if he were the world’s favorite, surrounded by a sense of happiness all day long, as if all his ideals and ambitions were within reach. As a result, he gave up the opportunity to study abroad and was assigned to the Lujiazui group company.

from left to right are: pursuit, choice, discovery, change, acceleration, scale, extension, mobilization


of large companies, innovation is very difficult; but like Alcoa Inc Alcoa, the Discovery Group group and the NASA Ames Research Center Ames Research Center and other large institutions, still continues to break the traditional. So what do startups learn from these experiences? We conducted a study with in-depth interviews, workshops and questionnaires with more than 300 companies and more than 2500 executives from many industries around the world. Through this study, we found the core of the problem. We find that if a large company performs well in the innovation of its product, process, or business model, then the company has more or less the following eight basic attributes:

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