How to use other popular keywords to create PV

first, I personally think that no matter what type of enterprise website, PV is certainly needed, no matter how much the conversion rate, the site itself or have some help, so personal recommendations of enterprise website design must in a suitable place to add "industry news" this module. This module is not only enrich the content of Shanghai dragon Er, it is a good platform for us to optimize the. Just imagine, if we have enough ability to create so-called energy business news and corporate culture? Once the industry news column open, which not only increased the number of long tail keywords, but also attracted a lot of traffic. It is beneficial to the ranking.


method is the additional flow patterns of creation, because our website hit love Shanghai bidding keywords, there are a lot of long tail keywords, but no one pay attention to these 1 small words of no great importance, when I was in the press release at the time of the acquisition source of the news in a timely manner, to love Shanghai included, my ranking is not the first is second. This article is composed of (Shenzhen soft ship network engineer training base www.ruanjsx贵族宝贝): rice princess, webmaster please keep the links to the original QQ:1025347625

recently, I through 51 background, find some other words, certainly not my main keywords are not the so-called long tail keywords, I found some users by retrieving the information coming to our website, a very simple example, I published an article: HP Gao Ruibin lightning left, poor or internal fight?, second days, I saw someone in the background of Gao Ruibin’s departure came to our search keywords website, this caused me the same conjecture.

again, is your collection of these articles, not included your own pseudo original ability, the title of the article must be updated in time, the first passage and other changes, Shanghai must ensure that love will be included your article. Only included in order to create flow.

then, we update the industry news is no choice update, must satisfy the first condition, the industry news, Shanghai love to know you or your website is only better, so I suggest you love Shanghai good news source platform which collected materials of the explosive industry news, especially attention the amount of news sources and access.

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