More and more of the soft effect difference

I saw some very serious webmaster, they are careful to share their feelings, their site just published original articles, has not been included in the search engine, the first time to the forum, positive and share, they still hold a fantasy, I hope my article can arouse the attention however, they do not know, this article has been repeatedly collected.

why are we going to share their own articles, in order to get approval, get traffic, regardless of what you published articles, could not get a return, I ask, why do we want to own good articles out of it, is it worth it. If only in order to get a link, we can do signature, to blog, many paths can be realized, there is no need to put the original hard to share out, we are not stingy, but we do not get any benefit. The spirit of the Internet is to share, but the share is a prerequisite, we share something, at least to respect the original, not the others things that is their own.

now, I don’t text, I was very clear, soft early failure, in a pirated horizontal network, no one is willing to stop reading an article, no one know your heart, everyone is a traveler in a hurry. If you still think want to promote their own, through the soft, so I can tell you that it is not possible to do so, not only can not achieve the effect of publicity, may also ruined my website. Now because of the Internet, has become a pirate world, no one will respect copyright, copyright in the eyes of everyone is not even a fart, fart. It is because we do not pay attention to the copyright, many excellent webmasters are not willing to share.

everyone is very clear, now the soft is rubbish, so almost all the soft see in the forum, we will not feel very strange, we have become accustomed to this kind of propaganda way, you wen, I also text. Most unfortunately, the garbage soft Wen ruined a lot of good articles, many webmaster website seriously ruined. It is a good article, you posted to the forum will instantly be submerged, disappear and do not play Not the least trace was found., publicity. More hateful is that everyone copy your article published, and the Department of their website links, the soon to be crazy, completely become rubbish.

, originally is a good marketing method, but it is a pity that more and more soft effect is poor, the webmaster personally put the soft approach to the marketing of soft paper now ruined, is considered a "rubbish" sign. To see the forum you will find that the forum is almost always soft, some copy collected from the network. Soft Wen was play a marketing effect, by everyone for reading and understanding so as to obtain the flow, to achieve the desired effect of marketing. And now, completely subvert the concept, is the best embodiment of the soft garbage, the only effect is soft in order to obtain the chain.

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