Keywords optimization strategy on the cases of local portal website


local portal site keywords layout positioning in addition to the meta information part of each column page, there are primary and secondary position page each column, pictures and text, with the chain chain, the bottom Links belong to the category of Web site keywords layout, we need from the direction to the overall layout of the details of the good. Xuan brother before writing it, here is not made redundant.

page, column list page, the article page is also a continuation of the home page of the meta keyword style is different, the home page of the keywords, description did not put the content, and the rest of the template page are optimized in this piece.



website layout

and nest people web page keywords and description are choosing not to fill any content, there is a need to explain, love Shanghai Shanghai dragon optimization guidelines clearly pointed out that "Keywords" not in the page description, so remove or fill out any content did not have any effect, love Shanghai keywords website can judge for yourself or the page; but if you just want to fill in the website is the home page of the key words, must be careful, find out the target keywords and web site location corresponding to the river water fill, do not make an unnecessary move.

a lot of people say, website optimization to make the website positioning. The Changzhou Shanghai dragon is very much in favor of. The local portal site content from the perspective of positioning, can be divided into local news, local life platform, local classified information platform or local industry information, to the site positioning clear direction significance for keyword optimization strategy of website of Shanghai Longfeng set up. Keywords optimization strategy so the reasonable formulation of local portal site must first clear the site location.


website "Title nest nest community – Youxian is the first popular portal" brand name + site keywords typical place, I prefer the elder brother Xuan is such a title, simple, weight, conducive to brand promotion and key keyword ranking. There is a part of the portal station adopts the cascade type, put a few key words from short to long, from hard to easy stacking in Title, such as "ring net – Xiangshui forum | Xiangshui first popular community of Xiangshui’s largest portal
Xiangshui 320921贵族宝贝".

general local portal website optimization ranking keywords mainly where there is flow of words as the focus, coupled with the website of its own brand, once the website brand started, brand word >

Changzhou Shanghai dragon with a county-level local portal station — nest people as a case to discuss local portal station keywords optimization strategy to develop.

interested friends can see > > Web site keywords how to layout the location of

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