The example analysis shows only the reasons. And no snapshot description

4, The second reason 2, his analysis of the

but he told me last month before the beginning of a title and description, after the initial snapshot suddenly last month not only the title, URL, no description. The author denies this reason.

database of Shanghai: the reason of love.

5, the author gave him reason

from above we see, the front page ranking all the title. Later I understand is in home after the revision of the.

also helped him analyze, he not only overnight snapshot, just check the inside pages included, not love Shanghai database problem.

snapshot, snapshot content really is garbled, because the encoding is UTF-8, the contradiction problem and love Shanghai spiders to gb2312. But this is not the reason lead to the above phenomenon, because the author immediately gave him an example of the contrary, the website snapshot, the website is UTF-8 encoding, but both snapshot title also describe

analysis is: site title, keywords, description and content is not in line with the.

I also help him rejected, because according to his Web log analysis, love Shanghai every day to take up the home page, and returns a status code of 200, said the success is crawling.

1, his analysis may be: "






users to help his analysis of the reasons: love Shanghai not to take up.


encoding problem?Click on the The first reason

6, the fifth reason tracking.

this is not possible, because the existing snapshot also have included the update also included, and ranking, the reason is groundless statement.

We This

users to help his analysis of the reasons: the site was K


For this reason the author

simulation based on the search engine crawling, climbing out of the text as shown below: in addition to the title and the bottom navigation in accordance with the relevant content, the content of the text without a line with the middle of the title and keywords and description.

morning last week I received an e-mail, a netizen hair, the content is said to his website for several months, the snapshot title only display URL and no description of the contents, the author also didn’t what happened this morning, for he analyzed, it opened the snapshot it is really such, as below show:

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