Discussion Shanghai dragon novice should be how to send the chain

, what is the chain of

with hyperlink URL suggests that this link can click on the link to the site, it is the biggest difference is that with pure text URL here. Relatively pure URL text, with a hyperlink to the URL effect is certainly better, it can not only increase the weight of a web site, but also has the function of the drainage.

right? What is the text

1. to rival learning. Look to your competitors website. These links are how to get through with love? Shanghai domain competitors’sites style, such as: "domain:www. domain贵族宝贝" with the same path. If they are using the white hat Shanghai dragon, this way you can copy the competition.

URL? URL is a pure text cannot point into the link, just as when we use Notepad to edit some of the information, you can often see the text URL. As the most common text URL is to see people in the article saying "this paper from the WWW. domain贵族宝贝 reprint please indicate the source" link.

URL is also called anchor text hyperlinks, it can give some links and keywords. So to search engine, will connect the naturally or half unconsciously links and keywords. This is not only conducive to enhance the site’s weight, but also let one of the keywords fast ranking method.

1. text URL

3. anchor text URL

is now the website construction optimization of Shanghai dragon R, no need to send the chain. Although the love of Shanghai changed the rules, reducing the role of the chain, but the chain is still a major factor affecting site ranking ranking. Generally speaking, outside the chain of high quality to your website, you can better improve the site’s weight, but also can provide favorable effect to the site keywords ranking. However, not all of the chain of the site’s ranking to help. The link can also damage your website. Today, Dongguan Shanghai dragon will give you about Shanghai Longfeng novice how to send the chain

before the hair of the chain, we must be clear about the meaning of a word "chain". The chain for external links, also called import links. Refers to other websites from the Internet into their own websites. Most of Shanghai Longfeng novice easily there is a misunderstanding, the chain should be linked to the web page. This understanding is not correct. There is the chain can also import pages within the website, so the chain to enhance the site’s weight of the inside pages also help. There are three main forms of the chain. Respectively URL, plain text hyperlink and anchor text URL URL.

two, Shanghai dragon novice how to find the chain

2. you need from your competition.

2. with hyperlink URL


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