Shanghai Longfeng website optimization appraisal standards, you know

keyword marketing is a very important part of Shanghai dragon, if the key marketing concept error, will cause the Shanghai dragon optimization step wrong, wrong step the serious consequences. Many people in the keyword marketing while selecting a large flow, the mainstream competitive keyword, but did not consider whether they have the ability to eat this keyword, or the keyword on its website, how much value?

in order to avoid the consequences, in addition to the official website of Shanghai Hai Yao dragon training on Shanghai dragon entry related articles, this will be the three dimensions: Shanghai dragon concept, web structure, auxiliary tools, in-depth analysis, in order to avoid the trap of myths and lead you to the Shanghai dragon.



network is flooded with a lot of talk about Shanghai Longfeng optimization article, which also implied a lot of myth and trap. When you accidentally caught in the myth, but may do a lot of white workers, more likely to let the website keywords ranking fall!!

direction of the road is hard, can go to the end point.

in Shanghai Longfeng optimization, the first step is not in the website optimization will follow the prescribed order again; but the first thought, analysis, analysis of what needs to optimize your web site? On site eventually want to present to users what kind of feeling? If just behind closed doors, but will cause excessive optimization results, spoil things by excessive enthusiasm.

Pay attention to the website of each page of

, for example, to sell equestrian protectors supplier, equestrian is definitely a popular keyword. However, the absolute mainstream keyword is the main battlefield of fighting each other with industry. For a yet to become a major electricity supplier of new entrants, and do not have the same funds, manpower and resources to do the hard work, if blindly in the main battlefield of the mainstream equestrian key work, will be less effective.

there is no concern to the user experience site, is unable to do the Shanghai dragon. This is often the confession has already done some operators in Shanghai dragon, keyword search ranking still did not rise, traffic is still not the reason for the increase of.

Shanghai dragon concept

Choose the appropriate keyword

addition, the keyword search will be the mainstream equestrian users do not necessarily want to buy equestrian gear, but is to understand the equestrian or related competition. Therefore, even if finally really grabbed the mainstream words, perhaps to enhance the visibility of help, but the electricity supplier for the really important conversion rate instead.


home is the user access to the site at first glance, the importance of self-evident. However, Shanghai Longfeng optimization optimization beginners, often excessive pursuit of the home page, or a specific optimization of several pages, but ignore the "overall consistency, even because of neglect of certain pages, which was not optimized page looks more abrupt, joint also significantly affect the legibility of users.

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