From the four aspects of website user experience is not a good reason

, a web interface is not pretty

has a beautiful interface is also unable to truly let users stick on the site, and this time the user will not care Web interface, because people are greedy, when one needs are met, will be in demand next. The content of the website is to improve the user experience, one of the most critical factor to the user. And we all know what kind of website content is most likely to stick to the user, the relative number of natural acquisition, reprint the content cannot talk stick to the user, as you go to the cinema to see movies every day, watching the same movie, then, will look greasy. So, the website not stick users, then you need to start from the content, the end users love what, what is the most popular, how to analyze the content of users love and so on, these are owners of their own careful analysis of statistical data, and to remind a little, for the acquisition, reprint the content needless to say what this kind of analysis, after all, in the network already exists on a certain amount, naturally can not talk about improving the user experience or stick to the user or something. So, to create high-quality content, it is essential to the user.

users first visited the site, is equivalent to the first meeting with strangers, the first impression is good on the first edge of the eye. Similarly, users access to the site is, at first glance is the website interface. Many webmaster do not care about the web interface, but the interface often allows users from the first sight will love on the website. So some sites can not stick to the user, so that the majority of users are one-time access. The reason is that the interface is not pretty, but many webmaster do not care about the interface, and most of the individual owners of the source code is downloaded, using the official website of the built-in template, so it is difficult to imagine, this site can stick to the user after all, the first feeling of users can not fully feel fresh, so it is not necessary to stay on the site. In fact, the user is also a visual animal, most of the users are in the first sense of love website, so the website not stick users, first to analyze the causes of the web interface.

In fact,

user experience is the need to allow users to stick on the site, if the site can not stick to the user, naturally do not talk about what the user experience. So, the user viscosity on the site, you need the webmaster seriously pondering your audience love what love, what kind of interface. In fact, improve the user experience is pondering the user’s mind, as long as the user feels generally hobby naturally, an antidote against the disease. The owners need to find ways for the sake of users, all can meet the user’s needs, it is for the user, website exists, as long as there are users stick on the website, what other are smoothly done or easily solved. Why not let the reason today to talk about website users stick:

three, the website not powerful

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two, website content quality and low

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